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Magnablend uses double action ribbon blenders to manufacture all of our powder products. Our double action ribbon blenders range in size from a 40 cubic foot pilot batch blender to 480 cubic foot production blenders. The pilot batch powder blender allows us to make batches in the 500 to 1,000 lb. range, while the large blenders allow us to make batches in the 15,000 to 20,000 lb. range. This flexibility is a great advantage for our customers, as we are able to assist with early trial batches during their testing stages. Once approved, we can immediately move toward mass production.

Once the powder material is blended, we have a vast array of packaging options available. We have the equipment and flexibility to package your powder products into a variety of containers, ranging in size from 1 lb. bags up to 50,000 lb. bulk transport trucks. Since most of our customers prefer 50 lb. bags, we have high speed baggers, an automatic palletizer, and an automatic stretch wrap machine to ensure rapid throughput.

Repackaging and private labeling is another service Magnablend provides. Because of our wide range of equipment, we can receive bulk transport trucks and repackage the material into super sacks, bags, boxes, or drums. Conversely, we can also receive super sacks, bags, boxes, or drums and transfer them into bulk transport trucks or other types of containers.

Powder Blending Options

Kraft Bags, Poly Bags, Jugs, Pails, Drums, Super Sacks, Fiber Boxes, or Bulk Truck

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