Magnablend Supports Earth Day By Adopting FM 1466

Magnablend Supports Earth Day By Adopting FM 1466

April 22, 2013

Magnablend - Adopt a Highway
Magnablend employees did a bit of spring cleaning Monday, April 22. In observance of Earth Day they hit the road yesterday to pick-up trash and keep Texas Beautiful.

The employees at the Magnablend Specialty Services Complex, the former Superconducting Super Collider, recently joined the Texas Adopt-A-Highway program and adopted a two-mile stretch along FM 1446, with an initial commitment of two-years.

“When I see litter on the road on my way to work, it’s wrong. But when that litter stays on the road, it’s just as wrong,” said Donnie Lord, Magnablend SSC Plant Manager. “Magnablend is committed to keeping our community clean. I really appreciate our employees giving a couple hours of their time to help keep our highway clean and show they care about our community.”

The average person throws away 4.5 pounds of trash a day. This is roughly equal to 1,460 pounds of trash thrown away per person per year. Americans throw out over 195 million tons of trash annually. Unfortunately, many people throw out their trash along the side of the highway. A lot of this trash is related to fast food packaging material.

The Adopt-a-Highway program began in Texas in 1985 and continues to grow, saving taxpayer’s money and keeping our rights-of-way clean.

“Personal involvement has proven to be the best way to keep our roads clean,” said Billy Black, Co-Founder, Adopt-a-Highway. “The Adopt-a-Highway program costs nothing for individual groups like businesses and civic organizations to get involved.”