1st Annual Magnablend Clays for a Cause Tournament

1st Annual Magnablend Clays for a Cause Tournament

April 13, 2013

Dozens of individuals and companies came together this past Friday to raise funds, and have a little fun, at the first annual Clays For A Cause. The sporting clays tournament, sponsored and organized by Magnablend, Inc., raised more than $33,000 to assist the Nevil family following an auto accident that left 12-year-old Lauren Nevil in critical condition and in need of extensive medical and rehabilitation services.

Lauren Nevil is the niece of Richard Mullins, a Magnablend employee. While travelling from Tennessee to visit family in the Arlington, Texas area, the Nevil’s car was sideswiped, sending it off the road and into a tree. Lauren’s mother, Katy, was killed instantly, and Lauren was given a grim prognosis by physicians. Steve Nevil, Lauren’s father, shared the family’s story with tournament participants and volunteers, explaining the extent of her brain and physical injuries. “The doctors said she’d never walk again, never be able to eat normally again, and may not ever live a normal life,” Nevil said.

“But she’s a fighter. She is beginning to walk some now and is able to eat. The doctors can’t explain it. “Lauren’s got a long way to go, but our faith is strong.” After Mullins told Scott Pendery, Magnablend CEO, about the accident and the Nevil’s challenges, the staff and management of the company immediately began planning an event to help the family. “This was such a senseless loss and source of pain for Steve, his son and his daughter, and it makes you realize how blessed we are,” Pendery said. “Each person at this event was touched by Steve’s story, and through their generosity they have provided much needed assistance for the Nevil family.”

Pendery said that the company will continue to sponsor the Clays For A Cause tournaments in future years, with the intent that the event will benefit a different cause each year. “I’m so pleased and grateful for the turn-out of support at this ‘first annual’ event,” said Pendery. “I know that as this grows, we’ll be able to help so many people throughout our community.”

As for Nevil, there were few words to express his gratitude to the sponsors, participants and volunteers at Friday’s tournament. “I’m at a loss for words to say how much I appreciate you all, and for allowing our family to be the beneficiaries of this first Clays For A Cause,” Nevil said.

To learn more about the Nevils and Lauren’s continued progress, visit the Facebook page that Steve Nevil established at: www.facebook.com/PrayingForTheNevils.